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Verty Audio is a logical continuation of audio segment of ENG Vista, Inc., a company dedicated to providing highest quality audio equipment. In order to support business growth, our team had to grow. Principals of Verty Audio are engineers and audiophiles with many years of design and manufacturing experience. We are committed to continuing to provide highest levels of customer experience, while intensively working with our partners to offer well engineered, high performance products. 


Several years ago we recognized ourselves in a series of ads*  which light heartedly descibe mind of a typical engineer. Below are some of our favorites:

The human body is the world's most amazing machine, but it had a 100,000-year head start on us engineers.

All questions should start with "what if".

Gold jewelry is a waste of a good conductor.

Yoda put it best when he said, "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."

*Ads from Parker LIFE sciences ( published in the Design News magazine.


Products that we sell are engineered to the highest standards. They are not "voiced" - "voicing" is often used to hide defficiencies: our products have to be technically competent units.  

Our products must play all kinds of music equally well. We listen to classical music, jazz, pop, rock, country.....and we do not want to switch to another amplifier every time our mood changes. Neither do you, we believe.

And yet, if it is a tube amplifier, you will recognize that it is the tube sound. After all, if it weren't, why would we put up with limitations of tubes (short life, higher distortion) instead of going with advanced semiconductors? 

Even though all tubes eventually fail, the rest should perform flawlessly for years and years. That is reliability.

Our products are not only designed by experienced engineers, they are also assembled and tested by engineers and technicians who are audiophiles themselves and take pride in what they do. We do not use unskilled, low paid labor for whom the highlight of the day is punching out at the end of their shift.

And we are not as grumpy as this text may convey. We are happy to hear from you and enjoy contacts with our customers. So, go ahead, shoot us an email and let us hear your opinion!

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